Misty Gully Gourmet Woods

Misty Gully have been Australia’s leading supplier of premium quality smoking woods for 10 years. We source from only the finest local and international suppliers to provide our customers with the best quality wood for their gourmet smoking needs. We have Australia’s largest range of wood flavours. Our focus on quality separates us from the rest, all the while ensuring all of our products are sustainably sourced. Our woods are all natural with no chemicals or artificial flavouring – allowing for the true natural flavours from each species the shine through and provide gourmet smoke flavours and aromas.

Wood products are available in retail ready shelf packaging, and also in bulk quantities for restaurants and commercial uses.

Product Details:

  • Misty Gully woods are available in chips, chunks, logs, pellets and smoking dust.
  • Package sizes vary from 600g to 18kg+.
  • Our woods are food grade quality, harvested and prepared for restaurant and home use.
  • Misty Gully Gourmet Woods are far superior in taste, aroma and burning quality compared to your typical hardware store bought smoking fuel.


Product Specifications:


Flavour Guide: